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Safelists: How To Use Safelists Effectively


Safelists are a membership site of people who have agreed to add their name to a database, so that they can send messages to all the other members of the Safelist without being accused of SPAM. To join a Safelists is FREE, although there may be upgrade options which allow you to send you advert out to people more frequently. Safelists often provide other services such as banner ads, contact email solos etc

Targeted Traffic

The important thing to realize about Safelists is that from a Traffic point of view, all the hits you get to your website as a result of the email messages you send are targeted - i.e. people only visit your website if they have read your advert and are interested in what you have to offer. In other words you avoid the disadvantages of "raw hits"

Safelist Success Is A Numbers Game

When using Safelists you have to understand that more Email Ads you send out the greater the chance is you will start selling your products. A few messages here or there wont work terribly well but if you are a member of lots of Safelists, then when you send out your advert, you are going to get your message into thousands and thousands of inboxes, and even if only 5% of people read the message then that could be hundreds of real targeted visitors

It is critical to understand that most people wont read your messages - however if you are sending out hundreds of thousands of messages, then some of them will be read, and actual visitors who click on a link in your ad will be potential buyers. This can be quite an effective "pruning system" i.e. only the people who are really interested will respond. You have to be sending out a large number of emails to be effective

Getting The Adcopy Right

The secret to success with Safelist is in what is called the "ad copy" i.e. how the message is worded. The most important thing is the subject of the Email. You need 4 or 5 words only, in capitals, which tell people something about your product/ service which is appealing enough to get people to click. Then you need a short email message that will get people to click on the link in the email to your site. Most subject lines you see are completely useless!! e.g. "program "x" is great - join now free" - this tells me nothing about the program so is a complete waste of time!! but something like "Make money with us or your money back" is much more likely to be clicked

Tracking Your Clicks

Its best to track the ad and see how many clicks you get. I generally use a Lead Capture page as my link so I know immediately how many people have not only clicked but sent me the Name/ Email for more info. However once you get the ad right - and it will take time to fine tune it - then you will be surprised how many leads you can get this way. However do not just simply blindly post any ad as you see fit - it is vital in all advertising to track your results. If you have your own site there are FREE scripts you can easily install which will do the tracking for you - these scripts will tell you how many clicks you got, uniques etc - this is a vital part of your Business system. Some Safelists also provide some tracking facilities for you. Generally if you have a great subject line with a good Email ad linked to a Lead Capture page/ Autoresponder then you will do just fine

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