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Surfing Lots Of Traffic Exchanges All At Once For Maximum Hits To Your Site

Working The Click Exchanges

Clicking for credits on Traffic Exchanges can be a very time consuming process and also very boring waiting for the counter to wind down to ZERO. So we need something to speed things up a bit - and multiply our credits

The best, and most effective way, is to multiply your credits by clicking on lots of Traffic Exchanges at the same time and therefore boosting up your Traffic and Sales

Here's how to do it: Make sure you use a tabbed browser. You can get one FREE from Mozilla Firefox
Simply download Firefox from:


When you have your Tabbed Browser ready we then create some Traffic Exchange folders in our Favourites folder. You can then bookmark 7 Traffic Exchanges into this folder. Mozilla Firefox makes it easy because we can just click the option "open all links" which means all 7 of the Traffic Exchanges will open in a different Tab

You can move from Tab to Tab by using the mouse or there are short cut keys:

  • CTRL PageDown - goes to the next Tab
  • CTRL PageUp - goes to the previous Tab
  • CTRL T - opens a new Tab
  • CTRL W - closes a Tab

Surf Up To 11 Exchanges At Once

Now the trick is to surf all 7 Traffic Exchanges - or more - at once for 30 min. Its best if you are on a broadband connection and have a decent amount of memory on your computer. Once you have done the 30 min - (note it will be up to an hour if you are on dial up!!) - then you switch to the next Traffic Exchange folder with another 7 Exchanges in

I have lots of Traffic Exchange folders and I just go from folder to folder like that through the day, but you may not have the time. If you can do at least 2 folders per day I am sure you will do just fine

The "Quick Fire" Traffic Exchange Method

The "Quick Fire" Traffic Exchange method is where you surf the 7 Traffic Exchanges you have saved into your bookmark folders for 15 min only, before switching to the next folder with 7 Traffic Exchanges in

The idea behind this method is to earn a small number of credits across a large number of exchanges. Many Traffic Exchanges - in spite of what the owners might tell you!! - only have a small number of active surfers - this means the people that are actually surfing is small. So in order to avoid sending all your hits to the same few active surfers, you simply use the "quick fire" method, to earn a few credits on each exchange

If you use this method, then in just one hour you will have earned hits from 28 different Traffic Exchanges!! However you wont have earned many credits on each one, so your hits will have spread over lots of people who are just surfing like crazy for hours on end on their favourite Traffic Exchange. As a result your results will be much better

If you think about it another way - suppose each one of those 28 exchanges had 10 people surfing, then that means all together there are 280 people surfing. If you only surfed on one exchange you could only get a maximum of 10 "real" views of your page, but by surfing across all 28 exchanges, you have actually got over 280 real visitors!!

Surf Only The Best Traffic Exchanges

I would really recommend concentrating on those Traffic Exchanges listed in the Top 20,000 by Alexa. These Traffic Exchanges without doubt give the best results. Traffic Exchanges that can't even get into the Top 50,000 I would use with caution. It's still worth using them but you must not get any more than 10 credits per day on these, as they simply haven't got enough other people surfing to send your page too - all your pages will be seen by the same people!!

To find out which Traffic Exchanges are the best by Alexa Ranking go to this link:

Traffic Exchange Monitoring

This site also has lots of useful links and articles on ways to get FREE traffic to your site, so is well worth bookmarking for future reference

Using A Rotator

Its a really good idea to use a Rotator wherever possible. Some Traffic Exchanges don't allow you to use a rotator but all of the really good ones do. A Rotator is simply a special site which gives you just ONE URL to promote but you can add as many individual URL's of your own as you like

The big advantage is that if the same person were to get multiple hits from you while they are surfing, then because you use a rotator, they will actually get different sites. A second advantage is that when you need to change your sites, you only need to do it once - in your rotator - and not in all the different Traffic Exchanges you are a member of!!

To get a good rotator go to FREE ROTATOR They do a good one where you can list an unlimited number of URL's in the Rotator

Here is the link:

Use A Rotator

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